Sunday, August 2, 2009

Once again, Joe Biden Screws up by Telling the Truth

Joe Biden is an honest man.

And that is why he will never be president.

A couple months back, Joe Biden screwed up by telling the police the truth about Sotomayor.

Now, the V.P. has screwed up by telling the truth about Russia:

WASHINGTON -- Vice President Joe Biden said in an interview that Russia's economy is "withering," and suggested the trend will force the country to make accommodations to the West on a wide range of national-security issues, including loosening its grip on former Soviet republics and shrinking its vast nuclear arsenal.

He even hinted that a nuclear Iran would be useful in helping the west contain Russia:

The geographical proximity of the emerging nuclear programs in Iran and North Korea is also likely to make Russia more cooperative with the U.S. in blocking their growth, he said.

While he didn't come right out and say that a nuclear Iran, with missiles designed to hit Moscow, would benefit the U.S., his thinking seems to be the same vein: surrounding Russia with nuclear powers is bad for them/good for us.

At this rate, I would expect the V.P. to suggest a joint Sino/American summit in the near future to discuss how the two countries will manage Russia's decline in the wake of the Ruskie's inevitable reverse population bomb. I would also expect the president to half to walk back such a suggestion immediately, but that doesn't change the fact that Joe Biden provides us with an interesting glimpse of what I imagine is some of the clear realist thinking going on within the Obama administration. Biden's only crime is taking private -factually non-controversial but politically poisonous analysis - and saying it out loud.

Joe Biden should start a blog.

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