Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Secretary Gates Inadvertently Makes a Really Strong Pro Iranian Argument...

The secretary of defense says that Russia is scared of Iran.

And well they should be.

With a restive Muslim population and a predilection for going tear assing around and invading countries in Iran's neighborhood, a weakening Russia would have much to fear from a strong Iran.

That is why Iran makes more sense as an ally than as an enemy. Russia and Iran's relationship is one of convenience, with the Iranians willing to make nice with Russia so long as the Ruskies will sell them weapons on a strict "don't ask, don't tell basis" and the Russians willing to do anything for cold hard currency. But a nuclear armed Iran - equipped with missiles that could hit Moscow - would not be in Russia's best interest.

But it would be in America's best interest.

Just one more reason Friday's elections and the Obama administrations reactions to them are very important.

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