Monday, November 2, 2009

NY's 23rd Congressional District: We'll see......

A conservative 3rd party candidate has drawn such a heavy following in the race to fill the open seat in New York State that his Republican opponent has dropped out.

So is this good news for Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Conservatives or some combination?

We'll see.

I don't live in New York so I'm not completely at ease speaking to the particulars of any given candidate for a congressional seat in that state, but I do have a gut instinct that tells me that any candidate that is endorsed by Sarah Palin and opposed by Newt Gingrich is dangerous.

Scozzafava appears to have opposed the (horrible) Waxman-Markley pay back big contributors to the Democratic base  Cap and Trade bill and she was also endorsed by the NRA. So I'm not quit clear why conservatives oppose her reelection.

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