Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Poland Must Take the Lead on Combating Global Warming! And they should ask Pakistan, Iran and North Korea for help on the matter...

This picture depicts global warming and the 3rd Reich, up to no good.

This is an excellent article about why Poland is so afraid of global warming.

Poland should be terrified of global warming.

Global warming considers Poland part of it's sphere of influence.

And, as before, global warming is making a deal with Germans to divide Western and Eastern Europe:

Currently, Russian gas has to be piped through Eastern Europe to reach Western Europe. If Russia shuts off the gas to pressure a neighbor in the east, it is felt in the more powerful, wealthier countries to the west, where it touches off loud protests.

The new Nord Stream pipeline will change that equation. By traveling more than 750 miles underwater, from Vyborg, Russia, to Greifswald, Germany, bypassing the former Soviet and satellite states, it will give Russia a separate supply line to the west.
As a result, many security experts and Eastern European officials say, Russia will be more likely to play pipeline politics with its neighbors.
“Yesterday tanks, today oil,” said Zbigniew Siemiatkowski, a former head of Poland’s security service.
But fear not! We all know that the antidote to global warming is alternative energy. 

As a matter of fact, global warming has recently agreed that its ok if Iran develops alternative energy, so global warming should not object if Poland, the Baltic states, and other Eastern and Central European countries join together to develop alternative energy as well.

As I've said before, global warming has made its choices. Global warming wants more alternative energy.

Of course, this post makes more sense if you realize that when I say global warming, I mean Russia.

And when I say "alternative energy" I mean a break-out nuclear capacity, similar to what Japan has and Iran and is reaching for. 

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