Sunday, June 14, 2009

Do you hear the people sing? Singing the songs of angry men...

The regime has two choices - the first is to crack down with extreme prejudice - shoot the opposition and completely crush all signs of resistance.

The second choice is - well - ask the government of East Germany.

For his part Mousavi is seems to believe that regime is hollow, has little support from the people and will collapse with constant, nonviolent preasure.

To that end, he urging his supporters to take to the street and asking for a national strike on Tuesday.

Just in from Tehran (9:32 am EST) Zahra Rahnavard gave a speech at Tehran University today, Sunday, June 14. To a large audience of students, Ms. Rahnavard announced the latest official statement issued by Mir Hossein Mousavi, who has pledged he will not back down from contesting the fraudulent 22 Khordad election results.

Mousavi calls on all Reformist supporters to take part in a PEACEFUL MARCH & MASS DEMONSTRATION in 20 cities across Iran on Monday, June 15 (doshanbeh, 25 Khordad) at 17:00 to denounce the election results as fraud. He has applied for a license to protect the safety of protestors.

The Tehran location is Valiasr Avenue, from Valiasr Square to Tajrish Square. The locations in other cities are listed below.

Mousavi has also called for a NATIONAL STRIKE on Tuesday, June 16 (Khordad 26) and asked all those who contest the results to close their shops, businesses, etc. and for employees to not go to work that day.

Communication is critical to success for a large turnout, so please forward this to every Iranian you know. The statement is verified on Ghalam News (, the official site of the Mousavi campaign (site rasmi setad).

If the regime has truly granted permission for these marches it seems they will be electing to go down the East German way.

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